Don’t Question the Voice of God

Don’t Question the Voice of God

Listen for His voice
Listen for His voice

God’s voice can be something that is a little elusive for many believers. Because they can’t see God they assume they also can’t hear him. God, however, promises that his sheep will know his voice. He promises to speak to us so frequently that we would never mistake the sound of His voice.

Do you know how you have the ability to recognize your family and close friends by their voice? Before caller id, it was possible for someone to just say hi  when we answered the phone and we immediately knew who was talking.

This is how God means for us to know his voice. God gave me an incredible gift when I was first saved. I was praying one time, just crying out to him for freedom. In the midst of my cries, I heard him talking to me. I was so newly saved, that I didn’t even realize one could actually hear God’s voice in their own head, and yet I knew it was His voice. I was so overwhelmed! Who was I that God should speak to me. I am such a sinner, why would he want to speak to me? Yet, He kept talking! He told me how much He loved me. He told me what great plans He has for me. He showed me His beautiful creation and told me it was for me to enjoy. Whenever I’d listen, He would speak.

Over the years, I have repeatedly questioned whether I am really hearing His voice or not. I feel so unworthy. God however, with great patience, has told me to stop questioning his voice and just to do what He is saying.

I am in a season right now where our physical situation is a little crazy, but what God has been speaking into my life about our future is incredible. It doesn’t make sense how we would get from our current place to what He is showing, but he is clearly speaking. His words are bringing me great peace in the midst of struggle. His voice is giving me courage to take one more step forward. What an incredible gift to hear the voice of the God of the universe!

I choose to believe! I choose to wipe away doubt about what I am hearing and believe. God rejoices in our faith! We bring glory to Him when we listen to His voice and obey.

If you don’t think God speaks to you, ask him to speak louder. Ask him to speak words that would allow you to believe that He is speaking and that He is speaking directly to you. Hearing His voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit, is what He has promised will be our guide in this crazy world. The only way we can follow God in an honoring way is to let the Holy Spirit lead.

Listen to His voice. Grow silent for long enough to hear Him. Shut out the noise and distraction so that you can hear that Still Small Voice. It will change your life – That’s a promise!

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  1. So good Nissa! So inspired and encouraged by how you are listening to him in this season instead of looking around at what’s happening! 🙂 Keep holding on to those promises that He’s speaking over you!

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