Hello world!

It’s finally a reality!!! I have created my own website!! For any of you who have done this as well, I’m sure you can share in the joy I am experiencing. I’d love to share a short story as to why in the world I need to add to the masses of websites. Here’s the short version, coined by my friend, Dennis Lamar:

My art is solution!

There has been creativity stirring in my soul for as long as I can remember. Through singing, acting, dancing, and writing, I have repeatedly tapped into a power greater than my own that connects our humanity together. I will be sharing music, pictures, video and writing as I create them or find inspiration.

One of the main focuses of this website and my blogs will be the exploration of true beauty. Beauty is powerful and valuable. We all naturally gravitate towards people and things we find beautiful – like a sunset or amazing flower. The problem is the idea of beauty has been twisted to benefit the sale of commercial products. We are constantly fed the lie that beauty is only possible through the use of certain products. The truth is that beauty is innate in every creation because of the One who created them.

I spent 15 years of my life struggling with an eating disorder that left me paralyzed from living out all the desires of my heart. In overcoming this, my journey has shown me many valuable lessons, which I hope to pass on. If pain I have experienced can benefit others and shorten their own struggle, I believe my suffering will have turned into purpose!

I look forward to hearing your voices and ideas in response to my art!

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