He’s in the Waiting

He’s in the Waiting

Bethel, StarlightI have basically become obsessed with Bethel worship these days. Almost every song I listen to of theirs hits me so deeply in my soul. It is so powerful!

There is a song called “Take Courage” that Kristene DiMarco sings on the new Bethel album Starlight. Part of the song says, “So take courage my heart, Stay steadfast my soul. He’s in the waiting. He’s in the waiting.”

Those words have given me so much hope.

I am definitely in a waiting period of sorts right now. I have many great things just beyond the horizon, but they have not come to fruition in the now just yet.

So I’m waiting.

I can’t say that I have been great at waiting patiently. I sort of stomp my feet and moan about the waiting. I lament the loss of time as I wait. I explain why God should go faster – How I’m already ready for what’s to come. (I’m not, but I want to be.)

The truth that God is with us all the time can sometimes be forgotten in the moment. So, when this song reminded me that He IS in the waiting with me, somehow the waiting seemed more possible.

If he is with me in the waiting, then I have the ability to draw closer to him during my time of frustration. I have the ability to learn more about Him. In the waiting, I can be refined and prepared for the future because He is there with His pruning shears, trimming off the excess that would snag on my future.

He’s in the waiting.

When she says He’s in the waiting, this doesn’t mean He’s just standing by watching me wait. No! He is actively engaged. He is comforting me. He is encouraging me. He is revealing wisdom and insight.

But I won’t catch all of that if I think I’m alone in my little waiting pity party.

He’s in the waiting.

How would your view change if you focused on the fact that God is actively engaged in your situation right now?

Maybe you’re not waiting. Maybe you’re battling for your life. Maybe you’re swimming in grief. Maybe you’re flying high on a recent success.

God is with you.

He wants to battle on your behalf. He wants to comfort you. He wants to celebrate with you. He loves your smile.

How many times have we closed the door with Him on the outside? Why is it so hard to let him into all the little moments?

He’s in the waiting.


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