Hope and Self-Destruction

I woke today thanking God for this new day. I was enjoying my girls playing and reading healing scriptures in the Bible. Then I saw the news that there had been a tragedy in Colorado. As I got online to look into the details, I was overwhelmed by what I learned. A young man, dress in armor, carrying three guns, walked into the exit of a theatre. He threw a couple of canisters releasing gas into the theatre and then calmly went about shooting over 70 people. I wept.

How have we come to this place in time where war enters into daily life without any notice? What brings someone to such a level of personal trauma that they feel the need to inflict horrible tragedy on complete strangers? Over the past few months, this man planned this horrible night. He bought weapons and explosives. He bought a ticket to the movie, propped the exit door open, went to his car to put on armor and get his guns and then returned to kill and wound all these people. He set explosives in a booby trap at his apartment, arranging for even more death.

It is usually the lonely and disconnected who choose a path of destruction and harm like James did. This can be a lesson to us all of our need for community, our need to feel understood and loved. In our own lives, are we including those in our community that may be harder to love, harder to connect with, or do we shun them hoping someone else will care for them?

I am praying for James Holmes and his family. I am praying for the victims and all of their family and friends. I am praying that we can each raise our awareness of the hurt and broken in our own worlds. I am praying that we take the time to stop focusing on ourselves and look around. I am praying that we show love and kindness in all of our daily interactions, knowing that one act of kindness could short-circuit a person who is headed toward self-destruction. When was the last time you had a real interaction with your neighbors? When was the last times you went out of your way to surprise a stranger with kindess and love?

Let us not remain focused on the tragedy, but instead focus on the change that we are all capable of brining to this hurting and broken world. Don’t underestimate the power your actions and words can have on other people. Aiming to bring greater love and grace to those around us can change them, change us and change this world.

I am committed to bringing change to this world through my words and actions. I am determined to be an example to my girls of love and honor. I am willing to inconvenience myself in order to bring hope and comfort to others. How about you? Are you willing to bring change to this world?

2 thoughts on “Hope and Self-Destruction

  1. Thank you for that wake-up call and reminder that we all have such potential to impact people’s lives for the good of all. Who knows, maybe all it took was one single sincere interaction with someone to restore that part of him that had given in to the dark isolation that continuously distanced him from hope and belonging.

  2. Great thoughts Nissa. God has also been teaching me to see the people around me that are “angry” or “crazy” or “rude” as simply Love-Deficient. Thanks for the reminder to not let my own comfort & convenience keep me from reaching out!

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