Love Heals

Love Heals

Rainbow, Love
Double Rainbow at my Dad’s house

Our world needs a healing love. Love does healing work that no logic can reach. Love brings hope in its arms. Love makes the world brighter in a very real way.

I have written on the Love of God many, many times, yet it just keeps coming back as the answer.

God loves us out of our hurt.

God loves us out of our hate.

God loves us out of our selfishness.

God loves us into our calling.

God loves us until that love flows out to others.

His love can heal the world – of this I am fully convinced.

After some of the events over the weekend, I think we need to be reminded that God’s love is the answer.

Anyone who calls themselves a Christian (Christ-follower) and operates in hate is a liar. You cannot hate and hurt others if you have truly encountered the love of Christ, the one who IS LOVE. Love has no room for hate – they are in direct opposition.

My prayer today is that God’s love would be allowed the room to fill each person’s heart. I pray that those who are hurting would receive God’s healing love. I pray that those filled with hate would be overcome by God’s love and experience radical transformation.

God’s love is not attached to religion. He is waiting, looking for anyone who will receive Him and His love. If you’ve been hurt by religion or people claiming a certain religion, I pray you would look to the face of God himself and receive His love.

Because He. Loves. You.

How can I be praying for you today?



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