Mommy AND Artist

Mommy AND Artist

I was at the Artist Forum last night, given by Lamar Vocal Studio at The Space. We had the honor of sharing some incredible art we have all been working on. A guest artist, Hope Hazy, came to share her music and a bit of her story. She is a very gifted artist! The topic of being a mother and an artist came up, as she is pregnant with her second child. Hope was speaking about the rather abrupt awakening she had to the great challenge of being mother and artist when her first child was born. Being a mother and artist, as well, I definitely understand this challenge! What I have experienced lately is the incredible efficiency of God which enables me to do all that He has called me to do.

In everything we do in life, there is usually an abundance of information on the best way to go about that particular task. As a parent, there are innumerable resources explaining how to discipline our children, how to feed them, how to keep them safe, how to do crafts that make them smarter, how much time they need to end up psychologically sound… The list is endless! Sometimes this can be overwhelming!

The same can be said about being an artist. There is advice on how much time should be spent each day practicing your art, the kind of training you need, who you should be in contact with, how to market yourself, how many years you need to invest before you might see some profit… In the same way as parenthood, it can be overwhelming.

I am someone who wants to do things the “right” way. Or rather, I want to do things perfectly. I am on a journey to accept that perfection is actually not attainable, not humanly possible. This is especially true in the areas of parenting and artistry. Both are truly a unique journey. So, my goal lately has been to pursue both passionately and to enjoy the journey along the way.

So, how do we know how to balance everything in our life? So many people ask this question. For me, it all comes back to God. When I am prayerful about my days, I see God guiding me to do what needs to be done each day. By honoring the way I feel He is leading me, I see him making my time extremely efficient. I have been able to produce great results in a time frame that doesn’t seem logically possible. It is truly an adventure because I get to go along for the ride of my own life!

God created each of us with totally unique characteristics and talents. We are intentioned to use our unique combo of gifts for a specific purpose. When we figure out this purpose, or at least the path of that purpose, God’s blessing accompanies what we do. It’s incredible! I am a wife, a mother, an actress, a writer, a singer, a friend, a leader, a speaker… and yet all of these roles can work in complete harmony with each other. When I am writing, I can also be a great mom. Operating in one role doesn’t mean that the other parts of me have to suffer, but instead, the entirety of who I am can continuously be moving forward and strengthening each role in unison. Motherhood adds to my art and vice versa. It is like a symphony where all the different instruments work together to create a masterpiece that could never exist with just one instrument. That is the gift God has given to each of us! When we allow Him to be the conductor, our life and all that we do becomes a masterpiece, completely unique and it inspires anyone who witnesses it.

Be encouraged to fully live out all that you are! We need your masterpiece to be complete!

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