Then, Suddenly!!!

Then, Suddenly!!!

Nissa Prizzi, authorHave you ever felt like you are slogging through waste deep mud trying to get somewhere and then, suddenly, you’re out of the mud and moving forward faster than you can process?!

I’ve just recently experienced a “suddenly” that has literally changed my life. I know it’s God’s work because the change is so complete. I literally look back at myself just a week ago and think, “Was that really going on?”

Let me go back a bit…

When I was very, very young, somewhere between the ages of 3 and 5, I knew who I was. I knew I was destined for something great, that nothing could stop me, that I didn’t belong only where I was born. I had a vision of myself and my future that so far surpassed the situation that I was born into, that it could only have come from God himself.

Then, I went to school.

Here I encountered numerous small boxes I could neatly fit into and get good grades. I also encountered many small minds who wanted my dreams to shrink to fit their small boxes. I met people who saw my huge vision and told me to be quiet, who told me I was strange and who let me know that I was just too much.

I was raised in a pretty awesome dysfunctional house where people pleasing was rewarded, and so I tried to please everyone I was meeting and their ideas of who I was.

Fast forward over 30 years to last week. Now I’m all grown up, loving God, but being held back from very deep within.

You see, I got so good at pleasing others that I lost that knowledge of who I truly am. It didn’t take anyone else to put me in a small box, I’d been putting myself in a small box for years. Nice and neat and way too small. I’ve been sitting in that small box just boiling over. Each time I boil over, I try to put myself into the small box again. The nice, neat, small box.

Last Saturday, after a really great women’s conference, with the help of some dear friends, God blew that nice, neat small box to hell, where I hope it stays forever.

He reminded me of who I truly am, who He created me to be and all the incredible things He’s planned for me.

I’ve known some of these visions of His for quite some time, but the nice, neat, small box me just couldn’t quite figure out how it could work. How could all those amazing things be accomplished by little old me?

Well, they couldn’t!

You see, God’s vision for my life doesn’t fit in a nice, neat, little box and it isn’t for me or about me. My purpose in this one short life is to do what He created me to do. To be a part of the incredible plan He has for saving the world.

Playing this life small doesn’t help His grand plan.

So, unapologetically, I’m done living the small, neat, nice, mediocre life!

I’ve ditched the fear and I’ve embraced His unbelievable love on a whole nother level!

I have so much to say, so watch out! I’ve kept bottled up inside me so many miraculous insights from God because I didn’t know how to make them nice and neat.

But now – there is freedom.

This freedom is the kind of freedom Christ died to give us:

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)

The freedom that just broke out all over me is awesome, but it’s not even just for me. This gift of freedom is going to bring freedom to countless others and I can’t WAIT to see it Happen!!!

Sister, you are not helping anyone by living the nice, neat, small box life. I pray that God would move in on your neat box and bust you free, too!! I pray that freedom would break out in a way that we’ve never seen before!

Reach out to Him! Ask for this freedom. Then, suddenly!! You’re gonna bust out!!

And oooohhhhhhh, it’s gonna be so good!

Tell me all about it! I want to hear about the freedom God is releasing over you…There’s plenty of room in the comments section below. 🙂

Nissa Prizzi, author


2 thoughts on “Then, Suddenly!!!

  1. Love this! Oh, I love how you described something so difficult to describe. Yes, you have a gift. What will you do with it now??? I can’t wait to see, Nissa! For me, I have been getting weaker and braver and maybe crazy enough to break free. Thank you for this reminder for GOD to help me discover this freedom to be all that he has created me to be.

    1. Oh, Chelsea!! It’s so good to hear from you! I’ve been following a bit of your journey and you are incredibly brave!! I know God has incredible plans for you and your family. As for me, God is moving like an earthquake and although I don’t know everything that lies ahead, what He has shown me is blowing my mind. I’m so Excited!!!!! I pray for greater freedom for you, too!

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