You are a Gift!

You are a Gift!

gift, miracleYou are an absolutely incredible walking miracle! Do you know that?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I did a lot of research regarding pregnancy and birth. (A LOT!) After reading several things about conception, the journey in the womb and then the process of being born my mouth was agape.

How are any of us alive?

The intricate dance of a million things that have to line up for a person to be born is just mind- boggling. And yet, here you are. Here I am.

It filled me with such awe and wonder. We are each an actual miracle.

Of course, I’d heard similar things in the past, but I finally understood how true they actually were.

It started to change me.

See I had operated under the belief that there was inherently something wrong with me. If I just worked a little harder, just improved myself a bit more, then I’d be valuable, lovable, noticeable…

Of course, there are reasons for all of this in my upbringing, but the point is I definitely did not feel like a walking miracle – more like a walking mistake.

Can you relate? Have you had enough things happen in your life to make you believe there is just something wrong with you?

The advertising industry makes billions of dollars propagating this lie and we do it to each other.

What if we saw ourselves differently? What if we saw the world differently?

You are a miraculous, unique gift to this world.

When we operate from this truth, the striving, the competing against each other, the hating of others disappears. When you know you are a miracle and so is the person next to you, there is no room for hate.

At your core, who you were born is exactly what the world needs you to be. The way you see the world, the way your brain works, the way you speak – we need you!

Let’s stop trying to tone down our true selves and really blossom into our full capacity, our miraculous selves.

Let’s stop chastising other people for being different from us. Let’s celebrate each other instead.

There is room for each of us on this planet. There is room for each of us in our communities.

Miracles are surrounding you every day. Let’s start looking through eyes that see the miraculous in ourselves and in each other. Let’s start making room in our hearts for people we might not fully understand, yet can celebrate for the gift they are to the world.

You are a gift. A stunning work of art.

How would your daily life change if you fully understood that you are a miracle, a gift? Leave your thoughts below – I want to hear them!

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